Using the Playground Personalities© to Ensure a Perfect Strategic Planning Process

Publication 10, Issue 9

Maximizing the Staffs’ Strengths When Planning for Next Year

So we wonder why planning is so stressful and why it seems to fall on just a “few good people?” Each staff member is not good at every part of the planning process. For example, although we meet together and create the “skeleton” of the plan, when the “meat” has to be put on the bones – not everyone is good at the details! While there’s a role for staff in the planning process, we have to figure out the “right” role for each.

When a senior team begins the planning process, they sometimes don’t clarify roles and don’t identify “who” has “what” strengths in “which” areas. No, I don’t mean who has the subject matter expertise in Finance, Operations or HR. What I mean is who gets motivated by what parts of the planning process and how can we tap into their strengths so he/she feels like they made a contribution to the process, all the deliverables are outlined, the unexpected is at least talked about and there is a vision moving forward.

Using the Playground Personalities©, here are some tips on how to get the most out of your team’s efforts:

Ask a Peacemaker to craft the communication plan, so the staff has an opportunity to learn, ask questions and offer feedback.

For a well-oiled implementation plan, ask the Organizer to put together the assignments, schedules and timelines.

Enlist the help of the Revolutionary to handle the unexpected curve balls that will come your way!

Choose a Steamroller to help set the vision, deliver the message and rally the people around “we will succeed!”

While I know it is important to include as many people as possible, it is also important to clarify roles, figure out who is good at what and make assignments. Don’t ask people to do the impossible or things they aren’t good at, you’ll only be disappointed when it’s not done to your liking.

Season’s Greetings to All – be back to you after the New Year!

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