About The Corporate Nanny

Katharine Giacalone, The Corporate Nanny™ brings collaboration, passion and tenacity to your Organizational Development, Executive Coaching, Training, and Human Resources needs, approaching your challenges as your partner and trusted advisor.  The Corporate Nanny guides you to collaboratively develop sensible, individualized solutions to your most vexing organizational and human resources problems, employing a philosophy that is short on theory and long on practice, driven to achieve results through a customized, straightforward process:

  • Clarify the current situation
  • Get multiple perspectives from within the organization to test assumptions
  • Develop informed, pragmatic solutions for change
  • Facilitate implementation of the organization’s considered decisions

The Corporate Nanny addresses leadership gaps brought on by organizational complications—expansion, changes in business focus, a need to refresh corporate culture—regardless of the size or mission of the organization. The Corporate Nanny’s focus is on getting you where you want your organization to go, not in rehashing how you got where you are.

The Corporate Nanny collaborates with senior leaders to ensure that the organization has the talent, processes, and communication strategies to lighten the “heavy lifting” moving forward. Clients represent a variety of industries:

  • Biotechnology
  • Information Technology
  • Professional Services
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Public Education
  • Government Agencies; and others

The Corporate Nanny brings versatility and experience to quickly cut through the clutter and get to the heart of the roadblocks to progress.  The Corporate Nanny’s broad knowledge base informs quality consulting services to clients, regardless of focus or challenge.

A positive culture and effective leadership define your company’s path forward. An investment in quality consulting can pay measurable dividends as executives align themselves with the company strategy and re-engage in your mission. The Corporate Nanny helps your organization and your team unlock their leadership potential.