Katharine Giacalone, The Corporate Nanny™, an expert at navigating the complexities of interpersonal relationships in the workplace, brings collaboration, passion, and tenacity to your Organizational Development, Executive Coaching, Training, and Human Resources needs, approaching your challenges as your partner and trusted advisor.

Partnering with Kathy G is just that.  She knows how to work collaboratively so projects get done to everyone’s satisfaction.  It’s a joy to work with her!

Executive Search Consultant April 14, 2014

Organizational Development

Effective communication and collaboration are elements critical to any organization’s success. When people connect around a common goal and collaborate to achieve it, morale improves, productivity increases, leadership emerges and your organization becomes stronger as it moves forward. Learn more…

Executive Coaching

Would an executive in your organization appreciate a neutral sounding board? Maybe an executive team member new to your organization is considering how to position him/herself—or would find it helpful to talk with a professional who has no skin in the game. Learn more…

Training & Development

You’ve already made a tremendous investment in your people, but your organization is continually adapting to internal and external challenges. The skills your team needs may have changed. Staff who are engaged in your organization’s mission and who feel their work is valued are more likely to be productive day to day. Learn more…

HR Programs

Getting the right people in the right jobs is an ongoing HR challenge. Advancing talented staff to new responsibilities creates opportunities and stressors in an organization. The Corporate Nanny™ brings years of experience and a conviction that there is no one-size-fits-all HR solution. Learn more…

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“Yeah, let yourself go, follow that feeling, maybe something new is what you’re needing . . .” I like Darius ... See more