Which Playground Personality Are You?

Can you identify with more than one?

Really, none of us is just one style, but each of us has one preference—our go-to style, the one that we call upon when we’re under stress.  You may be an Organizer first, and also a bit of a Peacemaker—which means you get a ton of things done, but in a caring and concerned way.  The Steamroller may also be a bit of a Revolutionary—which means there’s lots of creativity, but not a lot of structure.  What’s important is knowing yourself first, then figuring out the words and actions that motivate others.

Pulling these Playground Personalities together into a productive working culture and understanding effective ways to communicate with each Playground Personality to minimize misunderstanding are daily challenges for a manager, but in “Oops! I’m the Manager!” you’ll find “go-to” cheat sheets to grasp these styles and stories that may ring true, all of which provide practical guidance on how to lead your team.



1 - How do you prefer to organize work?


2 - How do you act in a group?


3 - How do you come to decisions?


4 - How do you organize your team?


5 - How do you contribute to a project?

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