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Organizational Development

Effective communication and collaboration are elements critical to any organization’s success. When people connect around a common goal and collaborate to achieve it, morale improves, productivity increases, leadership emerges and your organization becomes stronger as it moves forward.

Like your dynamic company, the people who work there are vibrant and ever-changing. One communications misstep, one disillusioned  employee, can throw your organization off kilter. The Corporate Nanny™ approaches the glitches confronting organizations in motion as your partner, offering a strategic, unbiased analysis, personalized recommendations and reasonable tactical activities. Her goal is to help you illuminate the critical next steps to re-focus every member of your team on achieving your company’s goals. The Corporate Nanny:

  • Consults with senior management to develop business plans, set organizational goals, identify milestones and communicate to staff
  • Facilitates strategic planning meetings of senior management
  • Conducts team-building at all levels of management
  • Creates client-specific performance management programs
  • Supports mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures as they relate to HR, training and integration issues
  • Applies project management skills to large-scale implementation programs
  • Develops employee communications strategies regarding company policies and messaging

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Would an executive in your organization appreciate a neutral sounding board? Maybe an executive team member new to your organization is considering how to position him/herself—or would find it helpful to talk with a professional who has no skin in the game. Has your organization changed and now needs its executive leaders to pick up some new skills? Or does a team member need a leadership jolt?

Executives choose coaches for all sorts of reasons.  Perhaps they want to

  • Explore life-long learning
  • Build confidence
  • Learn new leadership skills
  • Reconsider the status quo and improve an aspect of their work life
  • Consider an element of their performance that is not “walking the talk”
  • Be positive and curious about the future

Here’s where an Executive Coach can help. The Corporate Nanny™ establishes trust and rapport with her clients and uses active listening skills guided by powerful questions, all in the spirit of helping an executive leader become more self-aware and open to feedback.  In clarifying an executive’s coaching objectives, there’s opportunity for reflection on leadership style and to develop curiosity and energy for future professional growth.

Training and Development

 You’ve already made a tremendous investment in your people, but your organization is continually adapting to internal and external challenges. The skills your team needs may have changed. Staff who are engaged in your organization’s mission and who feel their work is valued are more likely to be productive day to day.

The Corporate Nanny™ offers management workshops that can be tailored to your business strategy and support a culture of learning and growth. Included among current popular workshops are topics such as:

  • Oops! I’m the Manager!
  • Oops! I’m the Manager! Think About It Before You Say It!
  • The Voice of Leadership: Skills to Inspire, Influence and Achieve Results
  • Knowing Who’s Who: Common Sense Advice to Help People Work Together Better
  • Supervisory Skills Workshop Series
  • Problem-Solving in Today’s Workplace
  • Stop the E-Mail Madness!
  • Human Resources Practices for Emerging Businesses
  • Performance Management for Today’s Leaders

Human Resources Programs

Getting the right people in the right jobs is an ongoing HR challenge. Advancing talented staff to new responsibilities creates opportunities and stressors in an organization.  The Corporate Nanny™ brings years of experience and a conviction that there is no one-size-fits-all HR solution.  The Corporate Nanny leads you to innovative solutions to a wide-range of HR demands:

  • Becomes an on-the-ground interim member of HR leadership in times of transition or start-up
  • Creates turn-key Human Resources policies
  • Establishes onboarding processes for new-hires
  • Provides support to develop handbooks, offer letters, hiring procedures, employee relations processes
  • Conducts compensation studies
  • Develops a training paradigm that will help employees grow into new roles as the organization advances