Oops! I’m The Manager!

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In Oops!  I’m The Manager! Getting Past “What Do I Do Now?!”  In 5 Easy Steps, Kathy meets the new manager—or the one who’s been in the job for a while but finds the role overwhelming—with a humorous, readable handbook of practical steps you can take to get better at being a manager.

Most of us, Kathy knows, have not so much strategized for success as we have sort of “stumbled up the corporate ladder” by being in the right place at the right time or just the last person standing.  Handed the keys to the supervisor’s file cabinets, you quickly learn that being good at the job you had doesn’t necessarily mean you’re equipped to be an effective leader.  That merry band of former co-workers is now yours to build into a well-functioning team.  Who are these people you thought you knew?!

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Pulling these Playground Personalities together into a productive working culture and understanding effective ways to communicate with each Playground Personality to minimize misunderstanding are daily challenges for a manager, but in “Oops! I’m the Manager!” you’ll find “go-to” cheat sheets to grasp these styles and stories that may ring true, all of which provide practical guidance on how to lead your team.

nanny-with-star - peacemakerThe Peacemaker

The Peacemaker smoothes the rough edges.  Conflict-averse, the Peacemaker encourages communication and collaboration and values the trust building that is the foundation for solid relationships.  Typically, the Peacemaker demonstrates great integrity and loyalty, but may need to develop a thicker skin so that workplace disagreements don’t mean extra trips to the office candy jar for solace!  Motto:  “Take turns and give everyone a chance!”

Nanny-OrganizerThe Organizer

The Organizer is highly structured and decisive.  Schedules, timelines, processes and traditions are the Organizer’s bread and butter. The Organizer may consider a tendency to be negative or nit-picking toward others’ contributions as qualities that ultimately contribute to a more polished outcome.  The Organizer is reliable and dependable and expects others to meet the same standard.  Motto:  “Line up and count off by twos…!”

nanny-run - revolutionaryThe Revolutionary

If every coin has two sides, the Revolutionary is the flip side of the Organizer.   The Revolutionary sees policies and procedures as impediments to getting things done and would rather be flexible and in the moment.  Action-oriented and gregarious, the Revolutionary is fun to be with.  There’s never a dull moment when you have a Revolutionary manager, but the staff may become frustrated by the challenge of corralling that energy into a timely and measurable directive.  Motto:  “I know what the rules say, but I don’t play by the rules!”

Nanny-SteamrollerThe Steamroller

The Steamroller can bowl you over with a thousand ideas and overwhelming creativity.  Operating with a self-confidence that can be mistaken for arrogance, the Steamroller may not discern passionately held opinions from facts.  Reining in the Steamroller manager may be a management challenge, but the Steamroller will be the go-to person when you need a fresh perspective on any problem.  Motto:  “If you’d just listen to what I’m saying, you’d see it my way!”


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