If your company is in the ugly middle of deciding return to the office plans…Good communication is more important than ever!

Publication 20, Issue 1

We’re back! Sort of, anyway. While some of us never left, many have spent the last 15 months in a WFH status. As offices open and we move on from our Zoom lives and workdays spent in workout shorts or joggers, we have to be focused on our management style once again and be ready to pivot! In today’s environment with some folks still in a WFH status, some just dipping in a few days a week and others coming back to their desks in the office fulltime, it seems like a lot to get your arms around.

Solid management and clear communication are the keys to stability, whatever the workplace. Give yourself credit! You have adapted and adopted over the past months out of necessity. Now there’s a new way to look at managing. It’s time to adapt to what’s happening now and adopt modified practices that will motivate your team to be productive and happy. So, let’s rally!

Being self aware is more important than ever! Knowing your communication preferences first will help you assess and interact with others more easily. When your people feel connected, work gets done, teams can power through and next generation ideas stay floating. The work environment will hum along.

Let’s be a little selfish and focus on you, the manager and how you will navigate through this next phase of reality. Here are some self awareness tips for you as managers:

Peacemaker – You may feel a bit off-balance as there will be less connection with some staff than others. Go easy on yourself; acknowledge that some of the personal aspects of working might be on hold or lost. Whether you’re virtual or physically present, be seen, greet folks and offer to be available.

Organizer – You will have to defer your need to micromanage. Don’t expect staff to pick up where they left off 15 months ago! Have some patience with yourself and others. Highlight new policies or expectations for your staff before you hit the ground running.

Revolutionary – You thrive on being flexible – but don’t rush the gate! While “today is like every other day” for you, it’s not that way for everyone! Give your teams the time to re-form and work out new norms. They know you support them. Give them some space.

Steamroller – You might be pondering – how will synergies rekindle? Or perhaps be a bit weary because collaborating on new ideas has been tricky. Create the vision for your team to have those creative interactions and get people involved wherever they may sit in your organization.

Please take care of yourself! While the clouds are lifting and things are looking up, we’ve been through a lot over the past 15 months. If you are steady and focused, you’ll be happier and your team will be engaged!

Be well!

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