Thinkaboutit…Before You Say It

Publication 10, Issue 1

Making it easy to navigate the complexities of communicating. Save time, money and effort!

We waste time, money and effort everyday when we spend countless hours unraveling miscommunication episodes between people at work.  Don’t get me wrong, communications can be complex and simple at the same time, but it’s getting around it and understanding your own style and the styles of others you are working with that is key!

When it comes to communication styles we are going to do the unthinkable and toss out the “Golden Rule of treating others as you would have them treat you.”  We are giving you a new “App,” a new capability, to reframe your communications style.  The new Golden Rule of Communication is “Communicate with others the way THEY would like to be communicated with, not how YOU like to be communicated with!!!”

Kathy has identified four Playground Personalities© that are easy to recall in an instant!  It’s important to know yourself first, and then it’s easy to figure out who’s who.  Kathy’s understanding of the four Playground Personalities© she defines as “the Peacemaker,” “the Organizer,” “the Revolutionary” and “the Steamroller” and the ways in which these four distinct types interact makes communicating less complex and saves you time so you can actually get your work done!

Use words that motivate the people you are working with, for example, when asking a question – address the Peacemaker with “How do you feel about…,” the Organizer “What do you think about…,” the Revolutionary “What don’t you like about…/or don’t want…” and the Steamroller “Tell me your opinion or vision for….

Try it!  It will make all the difference in your communications!

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