The Voice is my favorite TV Show!

Publication 12, Issue 10

So, in business, what can we learn from the Celebrity Coaches?

I’m not a “reality show” fan, but I love The Voice!  It combines my two favorite things – music and coaching!  One of my friends told me to watch it a few seasons ago, and I’m totally hooked!  It’s a different kind of reality show – there’s not a lot of drama… celebrity coaches sort through contestants (actually, they call them artists), build “high performing” teams, mentor and coach the artists to find their “niche” and be the best they can be – all while having a healthy dose of competition and fun!  Sound familiar?

So how is The Voice like organizations?  In my opinion, work is like a “reality show” of sorts – it has drama, a sequence, suspense and lots of action!  Work is full of actors and actresses – some pull it off and others struggle…some make it through the “blind auditions” and others go home.

What interests me most about the show is that the coaches “coach” from their own experiences and they work with the artists to pass along what they know – it’s not about judging folks, making them feel inadequate or incompetent – it’s all in the spirit of watching the artists grow and develop from their experiences.  The artists, in turn, morph into their own careers, are willing to stretch themselves and really appreciate the feedback!

Of course, I couldn’t help myself, I had to identify the coaches’ Playground Personalities© – it’s a complex team.  And, if you really spend the time observing behavior and listening to the words they use to motivate the artists into action – it’s easy to figure out “who’s who!”  Here’s my take:

Carson Daly, Organizer – is the master of ceremonies and keeps the show moving; he always reminds the coaches that they have 20 or 30 seconds to comment.

Adam Levine – Steamroller – calls himself “stupid” – actually makes a lot of references to the word “stupid” – remember it’s all about “competence” for the Steamroller.

Cee-lo Green – Revolutionary – check out his wardrobe – there’s a “shock value” there!

Christina Aguilera – Organizer – she’s always writing notes and checking her notepad!

Blake Shelton – Revolutionary – he never misses an opportunity to act goofy or say what’s on his mind; and what’s in his drink, anyway?

But here’s an interesting observation, they all are Peacemakers too – they are always acknowledging, validating and encouraging the artists and offering positive feedback before the constructive feedback. They are willing to share their life- lessons as a celebrity artist, they connect with people and show respect.

Here’s what managers can learn from the celebrity coaches.  It’s about:

  • responding to people by acknowledging and validating their work
  • watching people grow and develop – not about the “gotcha’s”
  • having fun
  • mastering a skill/trade and being the best you can be

Here are more of The Voice crossover management tips: validate the experiences of your staff, be passionate about your work, provide constructive and actionable feedback and become a “fan” of your team.  Try some of these tips and let me know how they work for you!

Oh, and by the way, check out the show too – it’s getting more exciting!

Happy Holidays!

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