Sticking to New Year’s Resolutions… How Are You Doing?

Publication 11, Issue 2

I’m sure many of us started in January with some good “work place” resolutions – be a better communicator, develop new management skills, stay connected with your staff – and not just once a year at performance review time, don’t have too many “To Do” lists, work on meaningful projects, take time to celebrate work accomplishments and maybe even have some fun at work!  Hoping by now we haven’t fallen back into our old traps!  It’s a shame, but it happens to all of us!!

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t totally “stuck” to your resolutions – each Playground Personality© picks themselves up and refocuses differently – so here goes!

For the Peacemakers – don’t beat yourselves up about not doing the things you set out to do in January.  Look at your list again, pick one or two things that still interests you, ask colleagues to get involved, brainstorm some ideas then get your staff involved. Knowing they can enlist the help and support of others will help Peacemakers keep true to themselves and their resolutions!

For the Organizers – take out the original “resolutions list,” which probably has too many things on it in the first place, and prioritize the top three activities, pick the first one and start working it!  Don’t put too many “to do’s” under the #1 Priority because you’ll frustrate yourself as well as your staff.  Have a meeting, tell the staff what you want to work on, get their buy-in and make assignments!

For the Revolutionaries – there’s a good chance that you made a New Year’s Resolutions List and can’t find it!  Lists and Revolutionaries don’t go hand-in-hand!  Spring into action – go with what you are feeling or thinking at the moment, order lunch, bring your staff together, make it fun!   Revolutionaries can let the staff do their “thing” and the staff knows to call in the Revolutionary manager at the time they either are stuck or ready for action!

For the Steamrollers – ideas come and go all the time, and you are okay with having lots of ideas floating and not too much closure – so you usually don’t have a need to have an official “Resolutions List” – and lists really don’t work for you either – it’s about the journey!  So once a week/month have a brainstorming session with your staff to keep the ideas flowing and make some assignments so they’ll actually get done!

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