So, how are you doin’? Need to refresh those business goals?

Publication 14, Issue 6

It’s mid-year already!  Can you believe it?  The midway point is a great time to take stock of all the things you said you were going to do in 2015 when you set goals in January – and to take a mid-year check-in with your staff and organization. Think about what’s changed at the company since the beginning of the year and decide if your 2015 goals have to be modified before the second half of the year gets underway.

Despite popular belief, goal planning is not one of those “one and done” management tasks.  When you write goals at the beginning of the year, periodic reviews are important to make sure you’re on track to accomplish them!  Business needs change, people come and go, and customer requirements shift.  The ideas that sounded good in January might not be possible in July.  Be brave – take out your goals, dust them off and refresh them if it makes sense!

I have two simple Corporate Nanny Tips to help you get started:

First, reflect.  Spend some time thinking about the goals and how relevant and actionable they are.  Ask yourself some “big picture” questions:  Where can we make the biggest impact in the organization?  What’s going to move the needle?  How can we be bold?  How can I develop my staff so they feel more ready and able to handle their jobs moving forward?

Second, anticipate reactions.  Be ready to respond to “Isn’t it enough that we wrote the goals in January and they got approved?” Engage your staff and your boss, if possible. Articulate a short summary of your reflections and explain why you want to spend the time to review and possibly refresh the department’s goals.

Once you’re past the moaning and groaning (whether it’s you or your staff) about doing a mid-year goal review, you’ll be amazed to find that the sky won’t fall if you make a “mid-course correction.” Remember to anticipate reactions – some hints follow but don’t get distracted by them – and continue to progress:

Peacemakers – will want to know how the people will be impacted.

Organizers – will want to know all the moving parts.

Revolutionaries – will want to know who’s responsible and what the new deadlines are.

Steamrollers – will want to know “why the change?”

So if you do a good job with the first tip – reflect – the rest will be easy!

I know most of us are attached to our goals because meeting them results in a “dough re mi” payout come bonus time; and the money is nice, I know!  But goals are much more than the words on paper and how the monies are divvied up. Well defined goals that advance your department as they’re accomplished are testaments to your leadership – how you involve people, establish new policies, keep things exciting and moving forward, and set the vision for great things to happen.

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