Season’s Greetings!

If the thought of the holidays coming upon you sends you over the edge, read on – and if it doesn’t, read on anyway!  Holidays bring out the best and worst in us!  Here’s the secret – it’s up to “us” to make the holidays joyful!  Of course, there are a lot of parallel traits to us as managers, too!  I’ll leave it to you to spot the similarities in your home and work selves!

So, be honest!  Do you make the favorite cookies for a holiday celebration out of love (Peacemaker), obligation (Organizer), fun (Revolutionary) or because you make them the best, (Steamroller)!?

We’re each motivated by different things and the holidays really tap into how we self-manage, especially under stress!

Here’s how to get some peace of mind during the holidays!

Peacemaker – You know you are going to say “yes” to all of your invitations, so make time for yourself, however that looks for you…and know that you can say “no” to some and not hurt people’s feelings. Try it, and I promise, the sky won’t fall in!  It’s perfectly okay to be selective and not be everything to everyone!

Organizer – You know during the Season you’ll have lists for lists; just don’t make them look like Santa’s – he has powers that you don’t have!  Make the lists reasonable and be selective about what has to get done v. thinking you have to do it all!  Okay to keep track of your “to do’s,” but don’t forget to enjoy!

Revolutionary – You know you like to “eat, drink and be merry,” just keep in mind that if you party like a rock-star, you might pay for it the next day; we’re not getting any younger!  Hah!

Steamroller – You know you can fill ballrooms with ideas, so try to wrap up your work for 2014, keeping your ideas and dreams alive and refreshed.  You’ll have the motivation to start 2015 off strong! Take time to ponder 2015 and chill!

And if all else fails . . . my beverage of choice is Prosecco!  Stock up!

Wishing you the best of health, success, enjoyment and prosperity in 2015!

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