It’s Not So Easy to Find Talent…You Need Patience

Publication 10, Issue 2

Save Yourself the Headaches – Use These Three Steps to Build “Just the Right” Management Team

For most leaders, hiring and building your executive team is a daunting task but essential to the growth and success of your business.  And just when you think you have the answers – something happens.  Someone quits, a new competitor emerges or the financial landscape changes.  It is an ever-changing process and you need to adapt to the change, which is just as important as putting together the team.  Have some patience and don’t “hurry up and hire.”  As the person in charge, you have certain responsibilities to your employees, since the people you hire are a reflection of your leadership style, personal beliefs and values.

So where do you start?

Step 1:  Think about “what” you really want this person to do – sounds pretty basic, but it’s actually complicated.  So many times leaders scour the market for a particular competency or skill and then when the person is hired and starts working the leader says “Oh, I really wanted them to be able to do X not Y.”  So to avoid that result, write down the actual job duties that you need to get done in your business, and check them out with the other executives or staff members in the company to see if they agree with your thinking.  Make any edits – and start recruiting!

Step 2:  Don’t drag your feet…make a decision! – with all of your planning and searching, it’s going to be hard to make a decision.  And, sometimes not hiring someone is best – that’s fine – it’s a decision – so keep looking!  Selecting a candidate means a commitment of people, money and personal chemistry.  This step can be scary – but if you wait too long to make a decision some other company may hire “your” candidate.  However, sometimes quick decisions don’t work out.  It’s a fine line and a bit of a balancing act.

Step 3:  Don’t subscribe to the “sink or swim” mentality – it blows my mind when companies search and search for the “right” person, and then on his/her first day of work – the boss gives him/her the keys to the office, maybe introduces him/her to a few “key” staff and then says “Have at it!”  I strongly advise against this strategy!  Protect the asset you just searched for and spend the time orienting him/her to the company culture, people and customers.  Set the expectations of “what” you want him/her to accomplish over a specific timeframe.  It is a win-win strategy, the leader gets a chance to outline his/her vision and the new staff member knows exactly “what” has to be done!

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