Greetings from The Corporate Nanny™!

I hope you had an awesome and safe summer and have settled back into work and your ‘real life’ routines!

I’ve been busy and having fun!  I’ve met some wonderful people over the summer and had an opportunity to write an article for 270inc Magazine Oct/Nov 2010 Edition and appear on a local cable TV show.  My Playground Personalities© are starting to become a part of people’s everyday language and it is wonderful watching people using them “live” at work and at home!

You can view a clip from Think About It – a Montgomery Municipal Cable show that I had the opportunity to be on in September.  Thanks to the show’s fabulous host, Sylvia Henderson, it was fun and a great interview – hope you enjoy it!

I’ve kept busy speaking at conferences and facilitating lots of management workshops – where I continue to learn more about how managers relate to workplace personalities in order for them to get through their day!  I sold over 700 books and Oops! made it on the shelves of Book Revue – Long Island’s Largest Independent Bookstore.

I wanted to say “thanks” to all of you who have made the journey of being an author such an awesome professional and personal experience!

I’m working on a monthly newsletter which will be filled with quick tips and anecdotes that you’ll be able to relate to and put to use right away.

Until the next time…if you have a question for me – click on Ask The Corporate Nanny on my website!



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