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I hope you are doing well! With recruiting activities “gearing back up” these days, I decided to write an article about how to find that “win-win candidate” – the candidate who is happy with their job, and the company who is happy with their selection! Often times we tend to focus on hiring candidates who meet technical competencies and we neglect to take the time to assess whether or not the candidate’s style fits in with the company’s culture. I wanted to share with you my recently published article, “It’s a Matter of Style-Looking Beyond Technical Competence,” which was featured in this month’s Business Update Magazine!

The article mainly gives companies and hiring managers helpful tips to assist them throughout the hiring process, but it also provides a great opportunity for you to revisit my Playground Personalities©. The article will allow you to re-familiarize yourself with these personalities and apply them to your everyday life, both professionally and personally.

So if you are looking to fill vacancies this summer or you are in the process of setting up your recruiting strategy for the fall and you want to “brush-up” on my Playground Personalities© – this article will provide some helpful insights!

I encourage you to check out the article and pass it along to your colleagues and hiring managers. I know there’s something helpful in there for everyone!

Don’t forget! If you have a question for me – send me a quick email at Ask The Corporate Nanny!

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful summer!

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