Clear Your Mind In Between Meetings…

Publication 11, Issue 6

Or maybe even during the meeting! Make two small changes and see big results!

No, I haven’t lost my mind or gone “cosmo” on you!  Every day I meet managers who run from one meeting to another (& I was one of them!).  They don’t seem to have the luxury of being able to shift their “thinking gears” before they are bombarded with 10 new issues to think about.  It’s like they sprint all day along and after a while, they start to become exhasuted, stressed out, not productive and not a fan of the organization!  And, who wants to live like that?

We’ve got to get a grip on reality and know that in order to stay sane, think and leap over the next work hurdle, we’ve got to clear our minds from one meeting to the next or from one issue to the next.  No, I don’t mean sitting in a yoga pose, chanting with your eyes closed or doing any of that “Zen” stuff, if that’s not your thing – although I’ve got to tell you, it works!  There are quick and unnoticeable ways to get some “good karma” throughout the day so you can keep sprinting and not run out of juice!

Make these small changes before you run from one meeting to the next:

Breathe – yes, I said breathe!  Take a minute to catch your breath – and not short gasps of breath, while you are shoving down your sandwich and running to the next meeting  – but some serious, conscious ones – yes, in from the nose and out from the mouth!!!  Go back to your cube or office for a minute and think “breathe” and do it!  You’ll start to hear your breath – seriously!  Simple and it works – your heart rate will start to come down and your head will start to clear – but you have to be intentional about it and know that with some practice you’ll get really good at it!

Center yourself – there are two ways you can use this – and running back to your desk to answer two quick emails isn’t an option!

  1. Before the meeting, sit quietly somewhere and think about something else for a few minutes – something not on your “to do list” but something that makes you not think about work!
  2. During the meeting, mentally check out for a minute or two to gather your thoughts and then re-enter the meeting when you are calmer and more focused.  This takes some practice too – so start trying it out right away!

So, come back from your summer vacation and meet “meeting mania” with a new attitude and perspective.  You’ll probably still have your back-to-back meetings – but build in a few minutes for these two small changes and I promise you – you’ll keep your sanity!   Get some “good karma” before your next meeting!

Enjoy the rest of your summer and stay-tuned for news in September about Energy Leadership Coaching and you!

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